Where to Stay in Miami: The Savoy Hotel & Beach Club

You’re going to Miami. You want to stay in South Beach where all the actions are. You want an uber chic hotel with all-day room service but in a walking distance to restaurants. You definitely need a pool where you can get an unlimited supply of Mojitos and plenty of space to hang out with friends. You also want to dip into the ocean before having lunch on the beach. And oh, the price must not be outrageous.

It’s a pretty tall order, right? What if I told you this place exists?

Last month I went to Miami for the first time. I searched endlessly for a perfect hotel I would call home for three nights. High on my wish list was a cute beach hotel in South Beach, which is in the southern part of Miami Beach, which is an island off the mainland of Miami.

There are a lot of hotels in South Beach, but to my surprise, most hotels don’t have direct access to the beach. By that I mean you either have to cross a street or a park or both to get to the beach. Other people may feel differently, but I was appalled by the idea of wearing my swimsuit and skimpy cover up through the crowd. I had to find a hotel with direct access to the beach. And it had to be cute because a cute hotel enhances
your experience.

I searched high and low, and finally I came across this boutique hotel called The Savoy Hotel & Beach Club. Just looking at the pictures, I was sold. The style is decidedly retro-chic with velvet-covered mid-century furniture, gold accents, and soft colors. The room is spacious with a king bed, sitting area, mini bar, and bathroom. They also provide bathrobes!

The outdoor area has lots of space with tables, chairs, and sofas to hang out at. It has not one but two swimming pools that are family friendly. The hotel doesn’t have its own restaurant, but I was told it works with a restaurant across the street to supply food, and from what I ordered during my stay, it was delicious.

The best part for me, of course, is the fact that the hotel is only yards away from the beach. The beach entrance is right next to the pool area, and they provide a beach chair, umbrella, towel, and bottle of water starting at 9 a.m. It’s super convenient as you just walk over to
the hotel kiosk on the beach and tell them you are a hotel guest and they provide the beach supplies.

Did I mention the umbrellas are ADORABLE? If you love pastels, wait until you see their pink and white umbrellas! You can order food and drinks wherever you are at the hotel, including right here on the beach!

One caveat for those looking for peace and quiet. South Beach is not exactly the place for those seeking inner peace. This applies to this lovely hotel since you’ll hear music from the pool area starting at 9 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., which is when the pools close. My room was on the first floor near the pools, and I heard music every day. It was not overly loud and I was able to take a nap, but I could still hear it.

At checkout, I asked the hotel staff if you can hear the pool music from rooms on the other side of the building. They said you will hear music but from the hotel next door! “We have to play music at the pools just like other hotels,” they told me.

I rarely party — the last time I hit the dance floor was in college — but I wanted to stay in South Beach to see what the fuss is all about. So if you really want to stay quietly in your room, I suggest you go sightseeing, shopping, eating, or hit the beach — the
only spot at the hotel where you don’t hear the music — during the day and come back after 7:30 p.m.

But if you love the pool and the music and want to experience the full South Beach vibes, this hotel is a great option.

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