Hi, I’m Tichakorn. Thank you for stopping by! I work full-time but also love taking a vacation whenever I have a chance. I feel alive when I plan for a trip. That excitement when booking a hotel overlooking a breathtaking lake. The way my heart pounds when I discover a restaurant on a snow-capped mountain. Those butterflies in my stomach when I pack my bag and leave for the airport heading for a long-anticipated destination. Travel rejuvenates me.

I prefer to go overseas, but if that’s not possible, I wouldn’t say no to staying overnight at a nice hotel somewhere in my neck of the woods in Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C. and playing tourist just so I can “get away” from my normal routine.   

As a true believer in the healing power of vacations, I hope my blog helps inspire you to take more time off to take care of yourself and explore your world, inside and out. I also hope my reviews, recommendations, and tips would make it easier for you to plan and enjoy your trip. 

Like they say, when in doubt, vacation!