After Wearing Tory Burch Miller Sandals for 8 Years, Here’s What I Found

I had wanted to write about Tory Burch Miller sandals for some time, and yesterday after going through old photos, I found one dating back to 2014. It was a picture of me at Cape May wearing my new pair of sandals – the Tory Burch Miller. That was when I realized this pair of shoes has gone everywhere with me for eight years!

When I said everywhere I mean everywhere all over the world even in winter. That’s because I’m germophobic and have to wear shoes in my hotel room, so I pack the Miller for that reason. In summer, they get the most use as I wear them both inside my hotel room and outside around town. They are summer sandals but to me they are all-season sandals.

Why I love them

They are simple yet elegant. I got mine in white, and they go with everything. I can wear a maxi dress with them, or pants, jeans, shorts, sundress, everything. They make me look put together without much effort.

Are they comfortable?

I’ve been taking them everywhere with me for eight years, so yes, they are comfortable. During all those trips, I didn’t expect to be able to walk around town in them all day, but to my surprise, I was able to. I was surprised because they did not seem to have a lot of cushioning because they were more flip flops than padded flats, but obviously the cushioned footbed had enough support to get me through the day without any pain. This year alone I took them with me to Orlando, Miami, and Quebec City. At home, I’ve been wearing them to brunches and lunches almost every weekend.  

Are they worth the price?

They cost $198, and with taxes, it comes up to $210 – seems expensive for a pair of sandals. But like I mentioned above, I’ve been using them for eight years, and despite some wear and tear, they are very much in good shape. I expect them to last five more years at least. They are my first pair of Tory Burch sandals and definitely investment shoes. Because they are worth every penny, I recently got another pair in brown, which I know will be with me for at least a decade or more. I originally wanted one in white, but it was discontinued and replaced with a newer version – the soft Miller. I hope they bring back the original white Miller though.

The original Miller v. the soft Miller

I got the white pair in 2014, so it was the original Miller. I was told the newer version was a bit softer and more comfortable, so I recently went to my local Tory Burch store and tried them on. They were indeed a bit more comfortable to walk on. But I really liked the look of the original version with gold rivets and stitching along the edge. To me, it is so elegant and classic. Since I was happy with my first original Miller, I got my second pair in original as well. The brown color is simply stunning.


The Miller runs slightly small, so size up half a size. I usually wear a 7.5 in Tory Burch and other brands but and got an 8 in Miller. I tried the soft Miller and I would have gotten an 8 too. 

Do you have a pair of sandals that you take with you everywhere? If so, what brand and why do you like it?

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