Away Luggage Review After 4 Years of Traveling

When I decided to buy a piece of luggage four years ago, I searched high and low for my perfect travel buddy. By that I mean it had to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, roomy without being bulky, and not overly expensive. I was looking at different brands and decided on Away, a relatively new company with an excellent warranty policy.

Why I picked Away

What initially caught my eye was its many beautiful colors and sleek design. Back then Away teamed up with actress Rashida Jones, who came up with three lovely shades of clay, violet, and cactus. Even though I loved these colors, I couldn’t take my eyes off Blush, so I decided to get this pale pink shade in medium. Of course, I was worried that it would get dirty easily because it was a checked bag. But I was going to get a luggage cover, so that would fix the problem.

Another reason I decided to get the Away suitcase was because of its 100-day trial and lifetime limited warranty. The company promised to either fix or replace my bag if anything broke. That was pretty awesome.

When the bag arrived, I was really happy with the way it looked and its light weight, which allowed me to pack more for a longer trip. As we were going to Europe, the 360-degree spinner wheels would make speeding through airports or walking on the cobbled streets a lot easier. Inside, it was roomy with two compartments cleverly designed to allow maximum space and organization. It also had a laundry bag hidden in one of the sides, which was a plus.

Excellent customer service

Traveling with my Away bag was bliss. It did what it was supposed to do and was so cute to look at. But on my second year of traveling with my new bag, my Blush emerged from the baggage claim dented in a corner. I had no idea how it happened. When I got home, I immediately reached out to Away customer service with a picture as proof. They quickly got back to me with apologies and sent me a new bag. That’s right. THEY SENT ME A NEW BAG. I used the box the new bag came in to return the old one. I was very impressed with their policy and willingness to keep the promise. 

Because of this excellent customer service, I replaced all my suitcases with Away. During the first year of Covid, Away had a big sale, which it’d never had before, and so I bought several pieces in all sizes and different colors for us, including a matching bigger carry-on in Blush to go with the medium I had.

Easy to maintain

I had been using a luggage cover for the first three years, so I never had any problem with my bag being dirty or scratched. But this year I was tired of having to put the cover on and taking it off, so I decided not to use it and hoped it cleaned up well afterwards. 

To my surprise, it did. I just used the sponge that came with the bag to clean it. I dampened the sponge and rubbed away the scratches, and they went away! The bag looked like new again. That was pretty amazing. 

I can now say I 100% recommend Away luggage to anyone in the market for a new suitcase that will last them a long time. Happy traveling! 

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