How to Make Packing for a Trip Easier?

Packing for a trip could be fun or stressful depending on how you go about it. For me, it’s mostly fun because I usually look forward to a trip, and packing means I’m about to actually go on the trip. So I generally enjoy packing. I particularly love it when I get to buy new things to wear in a new city. How many bags does a girl need? I don’t know. Unlimited?

But sometimes packing could be a source of stress if I start packing only the night before and realize I don’t have the things I need, like travel-size toiletries, or the pants I want to bring have not been washed. I usually start packing a week or two in advance and come up with a list of things I want to bring. But sometimes I’m just a little behind my schedule.

Another source of stress could be when I get to the airport and realize I’ve gone over the weight limit and have to open my bag in the middle of the airport and take out my personal belongings in front of a gazillion strangers.  

This actually happened on my recent trip to Orlando. Good thing I had packed most things in packing cubes and organizing bags. So when they told me to take things out, I quickly grabbed 4 or 5 cubes and stuffed them into my spare tote, handed my luggage back, and I was on my way. With the help of my packing cubes, I had zero chance of flashing my bras and socks that could have spilled over as soon as I opened the bag.

So yeah, I have been a big fan of organizing bags, and the past two years, I’ve been using Bag-all bags whenever I travel. There are many organizing bags on the market, but Bag-all really takes these little packing cubes to the next level. Why? 

First of all, they are ADORABLE. My favorite color is pink, and when I first saw their pink collection, I absolutely fell in love. To keep things exciting though, I got some in black and cream. Together, they simply make me smile!

Secondly, each bag tells you what’s in it. This makes my life a lot easier. Who wants to dig around looking for undies after a long flight in their jet-lagged state? Not me.

Third, the cases, storage boxes, and pouches are sturdy and well made. I bring them with me on every trip, and they still hold up well.

Fourth, my bag is organized, which allows me to pack even more as space is now maximized. Now that could lead to overpacking. But then again, you know when you do have to remove a few items at the airport, it’s a breeze. People may even be impressed when they see how organized your bag is. I put all my laptop and tech bags in my tote bag to bring with me on the plane, and it’s super easy when I have to remove my laptop to go through security.

And fifth, everything just looks nice, making me enjoy packing even more.  

Now these are all the pros. Is there a con? There is one so far. I usually wash the shoe bags after a trip, and they fade and shrink a little after a wash. So yeah, the cream bags are prone to fading and shrinking depending on how often you wash them. But it’s not a big deal for me since the shoe bags are the only ones I have to wash, and I have a separate bag for dirty clothes. For me, the pros definitely outweigh the con, so I’m definitely going to grow my Bag-all collection. Just looking at the organized bag makes me happy! 

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